The P word

where everyone can find World P's.


I began this new journey into the blogosphere with a certain theme in mind. I wanted to write on ‘the P word’.

But what, pray tell, is ‘the P word’. Is it just a Filipino version of the American F-word (If you know Filipino, then you know what I mean) ? Does it have something to do with the P-and-F Syndrome that continue to haunt Filipinos who aren’t fluent and/or proficient in English? What is so special about the letter P? Why not the letter T, since most words (according to ) begin with that letter? How about the letter E, the most commonly used letter (so says at 11.16% usage compared to P’s measly 3.16% ? Is there a P word?

“So many questions, but the answers are so few” sang Mr. Generoso a decade back. And yet, the simplest answer I can probably give is that I don’t see why my choice of letter of the alphabet should be a matter of debate. When left open for speculation, it creates an infinite number of possibilities. Maybe it is the P-bomb that everyone misuses and abuses. Maybe it has to do with the play on the p-and-f syndrome. Maybe it even has to do with a dead debate about “Pilipinas or Filipinas”. 

Maybe I just need to go P.

May the P’s be with you.


One comment on “Prologue

  1. autumnleaves
    February 17, 2015

    hey there, P! nice blog… i just started mine. i’m following your “bloggings”, hope you can follow mine back. P’s out!

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