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Pizza Afterparty, Year VI

Every year, the school I work for takes place in a two day career Counseling and Guidance Fair coordinated by one of the Philippines’ largest networks for studying abroad: International Education Specialists (how apt.), or simply (and more affectionately known as,) Inter-Ed. And every year since 2008, when I first joined the Marketing Department, I have held a tradition of thanksgiving and celebration in the form of a Pizza Party at my place.

It never really occurred to me how symbolic a pie is with regards to the situation (until now, as I post this), I just really started ordering pizzas because Pizza Hut Philippines has had this ongoing promotion where you can avail of 3 pies for just PHP 699 at a conversion rate of PHP45.00=USD1.00, that’s roughly 16USD for three family size pizzas. Those pies already feed up to 6 people. Where pizza hut abroad ( normally costs USD 10 a box (though they are significantly bigger that Pinoy Pizzas), i’d still say the offer is a steal. So, yeah, the pizza afterparty tradition started because of that. They also have an offer of 2 pies for PHP499, but I’m not really here to sell you pizzas, am I?

Every year I order a variety of flavors so as to appeal to everyone’s palate. After all, this afterparty if for them. My staff, the students, the marketing volunteers. Without them, I would have had a difficult time managing the booth and all the interested applicants. This year, there were around 12,000 students for the span of the two-day event. Add around 1,000 to count the teachers and parents that accompanied the high school field trippers and you have an estimated 13,000 heads coming in and out of the booth for two days.

Just like the slices of pie, each of those involved in manning the booth was a significant piece of the whole. Without just one of them, the pie would be incomplete and unappealing. Each contributed to the success of the event, specifically to the appeal of the booth itself. 

So, after egress, the mob all gather in my house for some chow. Even if they get one or two slices (some get as many as 5 slices, though), each bite takes away the pain of standing around for a whole day (some of them in heels). Clothed in fatigue, I see the satisfaction spelled on their faces as the mozarella makes its cheesy way into the mouths that were previously employed for the college and career assessment of graduating high school students.


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