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It’s very difficult these days to read people. Sometimes, you think they’re being sarcastic, but they’re actually telling you the truth. Other times, it’s the reverse, and often leads to worse situations.

The modern “No” has evolved into many variants/subspecies/whatnot such that there’s more to the word than just the simple negative. Sure, the modern “Yes” is just as confusing, but talking about the “No” seems to be much more fun, so let’s stick to that.

There’s the “No” that actually means No, and your story has ended then and there. There is one that means “No for now, but maybe with a little more prodding it could be a maybe and then eventually a Yes”. Another variant is the deceptive “No because my friends who are with me now don’t know me that way, but let’s talk in secret and it’s a Yes”. There’s also the shallow “No, because my Mama/Papa/Lola(Grandma)/Yaya(Nanny)/Dog/Other Insignificant Person said so” (It’s usually fun trying to convince these kinds because sometimes you can see that they really wanna say “Yes” but are just afraid of the belt/slipper mark on their behind).

Whatever the case, “No” becomes a big roadblock to what we want to achieve. It’s as if you are allowing someone else to determine your fate. What differentiates achievers from the others is PERSISTENCE. We remember great people for the great things they’ve done, but what we do not see is how many times they have been ridiculed and taunted by the word “No”.

Rejection and Failure are just fancier names of the imp known as “No”. These great people have been bitten, tripped and sidetracked by this fiendish monster, but they have picked themselves up, dusted themselves off and continued on their way to glory.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
― Thomas A. Edison (on inventing the lightbulb)

Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.
― Babe Ruth, Baseball Icon/The Original Homerun King (who also led the league in strikeouts)

This rings just as true with relationship proposals. Whether its about a guy who wants to get a girl friend, or this guy (see video below) who got slapped hard by reality, what matters is not how many times you fell but how many times you got up. Otherwise, might as well just quit so that you will know how it feels never to reach your goal.

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