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Playing for Change

A few years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to this group of musician-collaborators over the modern magic of YouTube. He told me to check them out, because the concept was simple, but effective. One song, performed (quite literally, mind you) around the world. Maybe not simultaneously, but still.

I would not just learn to appreciate and love the group for their choice of music and musical skill, but more so for their mission to make a difference, to make a change, through music. TO PLAY FOR CHANGE.

The group PLAYING FOR CHANGE ( ) was put up initially to create a documentary film about music set in the streets of the world. As they filmed, that dream evolved and grew into something more altruistic and idealistic. Something towards more than just entertainment or knowledge, but change. That dream evolved from something tangible and temporary to something priceless. The legacy of this group is to promote peace and change throughout the world using a language that, despite our countless differences, we can all understand: The Language of Music.

When the Roman Legion built a strong enough force that noone would dare challenge them, it was a time of PAX ROMANA or “Roman Peace”. This, however, was built on the paradox that they should always be ready for war, hence the great army.

What Playing for Change has essentially done, is to create a more positive and creative version in PAX MUSICA. As they reach out to more and more people, both as recipients of help and as volunteers in their foundation, they are effectively sowing the seeds of Peace, Love and Harmony while creating “Positive Change through Music and Arts Education”

Having seen a number of their videos (originals and covers) their group has inspired me to keep playing music despite “it all”. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get rich through it, or if your instruments are dented/scratched. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you end up playing music with. It doesn’t matter if you play solo or in a group. What matters is that you play and you speak out through your playing.

Just like in Drama, there are no small roles. In their videos, you may see people singing solo or part of a group. You will see a lot of portable instruments and some of the heavier kind. There are string instruments like the guitar, cello, bass, double bass, sitar, violin, and Shamisen, while a number of percussion instruments like the Tabla, Djembe, Washboard, Conga, Bongos and triangle, make appearances.

I would love for them to shoot even just one video here. Maybe to help promote and finally find and reach asymptotic Peace. Maybe they could even just focus on the music and instruments of Mindanao. With the combination of Muslim, Christian and Lumad influences, coupled with a lot of Expats who have settled in the south, They (PFC) would have a trip. Perhaps even record an album? I can just imagine the coming together of the different stringed instruments such as the Kudyapi and the Hegalong with the more modern guitars, matched with the bass of the Double bass. Then the kubing would come in out of nowhere, to match wits with the angklung and the bamboo rainstick would cheer on in the background. All this under the supervision of the gongs and the kulintang, and the overall charisma of the Filipino Voice will serve as the icing on the cake. Here’s to hoping, huh?

Here’s a video I want to share because of it’s originality and its simplicity. Whether you’re an expert musician or you just tap on the table to the beat, you can join in. Furthermore, I believe this is their Mission/Vision Statement. The lyrics of the Chorus/First Verse go like this:

Let’s don’t worry, my brother, in this world we are all the same
We must find peace.
We must find it together, It’s not far away from your heart
You’ve got the good vibration

PAX MUSICA : Spread the words, the music, Peace.


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