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Palabras Sucias

*MTRCB Chime* The following program is Rated PG. Some themes and languages may not be suitable for children below 13 years old.

It’s an article about “bad words”, so of course it’s not for little children. Gago ka ba (Are you stupid)?


Admit it. Whenever you find yourself venturing into the territory of a new language, the first words you actually learn (that stick to your mind, that is) are the dirty ones. The dirtier, the better.

Merde. Hijo de Puta. Bo Lantiaw. Ukinnam. Yawa. Putangina. And the mother of all sosyaling pagmumura … PUÑETA!

These “bad words” don’t all mean the same thing, I guess because each culture has its own sensitive or taboo topics. There are words that offend because they attack the dignity and honor of one’s mother (Anak ng Puta/Son of a Bitch/Putangina) . Others smear the person himself/herself by comparing him/her to a pile of animal excrement (La Mierda, Merde, Shit). Some words are just shallow and annoying like Gago (Stupid) or Ulol (Fool/Nutcase), while some, such as Bo Lantiaw or Coño, refer to the parts of us that don’t get much sunshine (if you know what I mean).


Then, by some strange reason, there are words that seem to mean so many things. Take the word FUCK, for example. I don’t give a fuck if you don’t know what it means. It’s fuckin’ annoying that this fucked up word is overused. Juan dela Cruz probably can’t tell you even if he was fucked in the ass with a swear-word dictionary. Ok a little too repetitive a foulmouth, i know, but the point is that I just used the word as a noun, a verb and adjective and an adverb and none of them meant the same thing. I even remember some urban legends about how it actually started as an acronym F.U.C.K., and the stories couldn’t even agree on the origin. Sure, Both stories I’ve heard had something to do with the act of sexual intercourse (which we normally associate the word with today), but the first one says it stood for “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” (for violators of a certain no-sex law : see “Example 3” in while another says “Fornication Under Consent/Command of King” (See Example 1 of the same).

And that’s just English.

Here in the Philippines, nothing gives you more Conyo class than to be able to say with pride : Punyeta/Puñeta! But what does it mean, really? The best place to look, i though, would be a dictionary. But even the dicts (hmm.) couldn’t come…err…straight. tells me that it means “Go to hell!” or something similar to “Dammit!”, but explains that it could mean “to mess up for someone”.


Puñeta, ano ba talaga? (So, what the fuck does it really mean?) shines a little more light on the meaning of the word by telling us that it is a derivative of the word Puño or wrist. And what do you little boys do with their wrists? They “play”. (If I describe this in detail I will have to change my disclaimer from PG to R-18 )

As I come (hmm) to the end of this piece, somehow a cathartic feeling takes over my person, conquering the climax as my thoughts go flaccid into the state of delivery.

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4 comments on “Palabras Sucias

  1. kilawinguwak
    September 20, 2013

    Actually, I always thought that puñeta was like peineta (ponytail), except for the wrist. And then I run into this:

    • thepeeword
      September 20, 2013

      Yeah, actually I got it from there, but as wikipedia is not a credible source, I had to look for other sources to confirm, and found . It may still be an online source but slightly more credible than wiki 😛

  2. Wayne Moises
    October 15, 2014

    The profane word inspired from nasty language swearing sentence to ignore people and others in Ilocano language means “Fuck You!” In Filipino dialect mostly Filipinos speaking of bad words/hoax and others. Thanks for the information. From:Wayne

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