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Patrick Star

I started this blog with the aim of making it somewhat interactive and conversational. Although I would still write the article on my own, I saw the blog as a springboard for possibly intellectual, personal, and everyday conversations influencing the others to think and not just accept things for what they are or happen to be at the moment.

I signed up for twitter so that the blog would have a faster means of intriguing and attracting curious minds and chismosos and chismosas to talk about what the blog is saying and maybe start their own flavorful conversations. Though still relatively silent, the blog’s twitter account @thepeeword has started to get people talking. The simple question “What’s your favorite P-word?” has intrigued followers and non-followers alike, to the point that some have begun to answer.

Take Twitter user @missm_books, for example. She, just like a lot of people around the world (myself included), is a fan of PROCRASTINATION (See, I told you I’d use it :P). sometimes, we want to do things but can’t seem to bring ourselves to move towards that objective. In college, my friends and I even called it “the power of the bench”, for our tambayan (hangout) was a plastic bench along the hallway of one of the buildings in school. Whenever we wanted to do something productive for class, Procrastination would possess us, leaving us to warm the bench with our round behinds (Right, guys? At the be-ench… we had good times…)


Some other users had their own replies to that question (after which I will write future articles), but I was particularly intrigued with the reply of one of the most recent followers, @chumporado_, who said her favorite P word was Patrick Star. Yes, that Pink, pathetic pentagonal pal of Spongebob. I personally find him very annoying, as I see him to be the epitome of stupidity. 

Whenever I see Patrick, even if he doesn’t say anything I already feel my I.Q. dropping 10 points. He makes Archie’s pal Big Moose seem like a Dean’s Lister. Because of his brainless bungling, he as his yellow porous friend get into all kinds of trouble (without which there would be no cartoon, so yeah, quite the conundrum). In fairness to Mr. Star, he’s less of an ass compared to the character he was pattern after: Heifer, from the failed Nicktoon, Rock’s Modern Life. 

A lot of girls like Patrick, though (which leads me to question whether I should still hate him or use him to my advantage).Maybe it’s because he’s pink. I refuse to believe that it’s because he’s stupid, come on. He’s pink, he’s a star, so girls like him. 


I bet most of the old folk don’t know him though. They’ll probably ask “Is he Ringo’s brother?”

Err… no.

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One comment on “Patrick Star

  1. Bernice
    September 28, 2013

    My favorite p word for the moment is percolator . I initially came across it in one of the Manhattan transfers songs (java jive) (waiter waiter, percolator. I love coffee. I love tea.. I love the Java jive and it loves me…) the roll in my mouth when I say it makes me feel a tad more sophisticated. Sounds a little bit more expensive than a ‘coffee pot’. A coffee press works just fine… But hey, I love the word. I like saying it as much as my baby niece loves saying “hippopotamus”… Go peeword… Brew me something.. ^_^

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