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Pink Mushrooms

I bet you’re thinking “Wait, what?! Did I just read that right?” Yes. You did. I’m going to pretend to be psychic (no, not psychedelic, psychic) a second time and wager that you’re probably thinking naughty, less-than-legal-but-oh-so-high thoughts about that trippy title.

It’s actually the offspring of two basic concepts that are still slowly being embraced by society: Breast Cancer (which is normally symbolized by a PINK ribbon) and Mushrooms. I cannot assume that our “modern culture” has finally accepted both, but based on the fact that there are still a number of sources online that talk about misconceptions pertaining to the two, there must still be that frown on society’s face when those words are mentioned by themselves, let alone together.


“So why talk about them together, then? Stupid blog.”

Yes, yes. I was getting to that.

It’s October once again, and October, in case you didn’t know is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH. (don’t believe me? Ask or )

“And what do friggin’ mushrooms have to do with anything? It could be Pink Elephants on Parade by Winnie the Pooh for all I care”

If you weren’t me getting ahead of myself, I swear I’d slap you silly. But you are, and I’m no mashochist. So, here it is. In case you did not know, there is a start up provider of Mushrooms for anything mushroom-related in the Philippines. As such they are aptly called the “Ministry of Mushrooms”. For anything you need on mushrooms, ask them (contact details available at ) and they will gladly fill you in. But, back to the task at hand.


The Ministry has set up their own CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program called “Mushrooms Go Pink” (hence, the article’s trippy title) where they tie up with a few of the Metro’s fancy restos and raise awareness and financial support for the ICanServe Foundation, which deals with Breast Cancer.

According to

“The campaign runs for the whole month of October, starting the 1st. 10% of the cost of each special dish with mushrooms purchased will be donated to ICANServe Foundation through the Mushrooms Go Pink PH campaign. Some restaurants may choose to continue the campaign all the way up to December to help raise more funds and awareness, while some favorites make it to their menus permanently.”

“So why write about it? What do YOU have to gain by writing an article with a silly, trippy title?”

I caught your attention didn’t I? Even if you are my own thoughts echoing in this empty brainless head, I still managed to get you curious. Thus, I have planted the seed, err, spore in this case. It’s now up to the ministry to make it grow.


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  1. painspeaks
    October 10, 2013

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