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Possible and Petra


“So, what’s the sitch?”

Oh come on, admit it. You liked her too. Who doesn’t? Ok, I’ll admit, I’m a bit biased because I grew up a Disney fan/buff/enthusiast/whatevertermyouwannacallit, but Kim’s so, using Kimspeak, “Totally Hot”.

She’s smart, she’s athletic, she’s “the good guy” (err…gal), she’s cute, but the only down side is that she’s a cartoon character. That’s not to say that the Christy Romano (the actor who played Kim) isn’t cute. She was very “fine” in Cadet Kelly as a woman in uniform. Very fine, indeed. But yeah, back to Kimmy.

I remember composing the ringtone of my Nokia 3310 to match the Kimmunicator’s tone. Yes, that was pre-Zedge, Pre-smartphone technology for the kiddies out there. I wasn’t a die-hard fan, I just liked her. “But she’s a cartoon!” Yes, I know. But, come on. Even Sheego and Bonnie, who torment and antagonize Kimmy, are cute. No, It’s not a fetish I have for cartoons, it’s just that I guess they were made to mirror ordinary (and not fantastic) characters. My guess is, that this is the reason the previous spy show “Totally Spies” didn’t do so well. It only appealed to girls (just like Barbie and Polly Pocket), and also felt a bit elitist (being from, you know, Beverly Hills, duh).

Again, too bad Kimmy’s just a cartoon. But you know who isn’t? Ashley Rivera. Ashley Who?” I’m sure you’ve seen her once or twice online, as her videos are very much viral. Much like Happyslip, except Ashley (or Petra Mahalimuyak as she is known online) is a bit closer to home than Ms. Gambito.

The first video of Petra’s that I saw was the “1 minute abs” video. At first, I really believed that she spoke that way. Hilarious. That was about two years ago, I think. For those that haven’t seen that specific video, here it is:

Years later, I am still watching her videos as friends would keep posting her funny impressions of certain people (not necessarily famous people, but REAL ones). Just like Kimmy, she reminds me of someone I could just meet at a class or in the mall or at a party. Someone that I don’t have to read a magazine to get to know. Like maybe a pretty cousin or a friend, or even a friend of a friend. Though I’m sure pretty soon she’ll achieve viral superstar status much like HappySlip, with the way her videos are streaming into the networld.

So yeah, Follow her videos on Youtube (as Petra Mahalimuyak) if you haven’t seen them yet. Or tweet her @PetraMahalimuyk then tweet me too if you like @thepeeword


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