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Physical Therapy

When I had to undergo rehab and physical therapy for my “frozen shoulder” when I was in the 5th grade, it was a very annoying and unpleasant experience. I felt like I was really sick, (I had it done in a hospital, after all) and there was this machine that would send an electric shock to my shoulder muscle at regular intervals, like a bored child poking at his fathers arm with a sharp stick. Even just five minutes of that is enough to make you go ballistic.

Fast forward to the current time. I’m MUCH older, and somehow developed Tendonitis on my right knee after Arthritis bit my right ankle badly, and left me walking like a pirate for weeks after. Long story short, I needed therapy again but this time, on my knee.


Now, on the way home from work, I would drive by this place (though I’d never go down) along Roxas Boulevard called Meta Factor. For the longest time, I never really knew what it was, just that it had replaced Brothers’ Burger (the branch said to be owned by PBA Alumnus Benjie Paras). I decided to try and see what they could do to better my situation.

So, I availed of six sessions of Physical Therapy at a 5+1 Discount. At 800PHP a regular therapy session, I was only charged 4,600 (inclusive of 800PHP Doctor’s Consultation Fee, as I had myself checked by their Sports Med Doctor since I was there already). If you do the math right, it should come out to around a little over 600PHP. Not bad, I thought, so I went for it.

I didn’t really know what to expect, since my last therapy session was for my shoulder, over 20 years ago. I was surprised at what was in store for the following sessions. When we’d start, the therapist would wrap my knee with a different kind of warm compress. It looked more like a pillow, but it fit right around the knee area. After that, I was given an ultrasound massage, where this alien machine would be used to “massage” the area around the knee. Honestly, I don’t feel any change, but I guess that’s really how it’s supposed to feel. Once that’s done, it’s time for the electricity. Shock and awe!


Except, this time it was more like Shock and Ahh. The therapist would put a cold gel on the area around my knee related to the muscle and swollen tendon and deliver a current that felt more like a massage rather than therapy. This was supposed to simulate electrical signals from the brain to get the knee to work properly again. Combined with a few exercises for joint strengthening, this was a far cry from the repetitiously redundant and annoying poking of the sharp stick-like shock. And after a few combination exercises, the therapists “ices” down my knee without using actual ice. What he has is more like a portable airconditioner that blows frozen air on to a certain spot, concentrated by the tube of the machine.

And all of this, in just one short hour.

This place has lots of facilities, too, despite their small area: They have Derma and Dental Clinics, a complete gym setup with Cardio Equipment and Free Weights, and the “hi-tech” underwater treadmill designed to lessen the impact of one’s weight on his knee. Sounds like fun, swimming and walking the treadmill at the same time.


If you do need to visit this place, just drive by the Palacio de Manila and it’s a few meters beside it. They have their own parking spaces, and they’re open from 9am to 7pm, Mondays to Saturdays.

Interested? Call 710-3002. It’s just really something else.


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