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Parokya ni Edgar

So, it just dawned on me a few days ago, that these guys have been around for 20 years. Yeah, otherwise, their next album wouldn’t be called “BENTE”, unless it’s their 20th album (which it isn’t).

I remember the first time I heard the band over the radio, it was for their first hit, “Buloy”. At the time, I had my doubts as to whether or not they’d actually make it. The song was “ok”, but I wouldn’t say it was excellent. It did, however, possess a certain story-telling factor that made listeners play it over and over, like a modern radio drama. I guess most couldn’t believe how a song could start off so upbeat and happy depsite the troubles the persona and Buloy went through, but have a tragic end such as that. And also, though I don’t know if this added to the song’s fame, as I only found this out many years after, was that there was a Buloy in real life who also took his own life, but was alive at the time of the song’s release. ( reposted from PNE’s Official FB page)

Years later though, I heard the band on the radio again, which led me to buy my first Parokya ni Edgar album (the band’s sophomore classic collection, Burguduystunstugudunstuy). It was not the all-time hit “Harana” that led me to get a copy, but the other equally powerful single, “Silvertoes”. I felt that the band had started to take direction with their music, and had started to make their own name in the biz with a single so brutally honest it was evil. When I got my copy, I was immediately captivated by the motif they band had chosen— Alien Superheroes (at least that’s how I understood it). As I did not have a copy of the first album, I had no way of comparing which was better. So, naturally, I rushed to get my copy of Khangkhungkherrnitz (yes, that’s the title of their first album).

Needless to say, I was just as hooked on it as the first (which was actually their second, and this is all confusing). The hilarious parodies and comic fillers combined with witty lyrics from the originals cracked me up day in and day out. If I had those albums in cassettes, i’d probably have turned the tape transparent from overplaying, but that’s another story.

Fast forward to 2013, apparently TWENTY years after Buloy and Khangkhungkherrnitz,and many,many hilarious hits after, these guys are still rockin’ out. Not to say it was an easy straight trip to the top. They’ve had albums that didn’t quite appeal to many. I personally didn’t get Edgar Edgar Musikahan (get being both “purchase” and “understand”), but they bounced back with Bigotilyo. Their next few albums were already produced during the iPod era, so less people would buy CDs and more would download (whether legally or not is another thing) their songs. Then, there’s the recent scandal, which did not which I will not glorify by detailing, and there’s the fact that their “famous” back-up or “Kantatero sa likod”, or literally: sing-er(slang, sic) at the back, Vinci Montaner has decided to leave the band permanently.

But hey, there’s BENTE coming up, and it sounds like it’s gonna be good. I recently heard the single “Ang Parokya”, which details their friendship and bond, as rapped by Chito, Gloc-9 and Frank Magalona. In a similar style to “Bagsakan”, I think this hit will keep the band up there for years to come. Sure, I may be biased, but who isn’t? And with a band like that, who wouldn’t be?


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