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Pre-Movie Advertisements

I don’t know about you, but half of my moviegoing experience is watching the trailers. Each teaser film is a story in itself, except maybe the ones that are there to just tease, literally. Now, recently, theaters (at least here in the Philippines) have caught on to that and have strategically placed advertisements and advisories AFTER the trailers so that more people will pay attention to them. At the rate I watch movies in cinemas, I have basically memorized most, if not all, of these advertisements and advisories.

Though I commend the MTRCB (Movie and Television Review and Classification Board) for their efforts to curb/eliminate Movie Piracy, as well as to educate the public (as if they didn’t already know) about Movie Ratings, I think they need a lot of work. Let’s take this video, for example:

It starts of quite well, and it does give the public the information it’s supposed to. The characters, though, are pretty unnatural. When the family enters the cinema and decides what to watch, the security guard, played by Bobby Andrews (as if this is believable), tells the family off and says that, being rated R-18, the movie is only for those at least 18 years old. As if that wasn’t enough, at 0:22 he sounds like some territorial caveman shooing them away.

After that, you have this seemingly sweet older sister asking dear daddy to choose the movie she wants, which is rated R-16. Here comes the box office girl, played by the villainous Gladys Reyes (though also unbelievable, there is some truth to this portrayal), who butts in and says that only those at least 16 years of age can watch, and raises an eyebrow (typical) when the teen says she is already 16 years old. Perhaps the only friendly one among the staff was the popcorn lady (sorry, I don’t know who played her), who assures the mother and son that as long as he is at least 13 years old, he can watch an R-13 movie.

The rest of the video pretty much explains all the other ratings, as each of the members of the family (including the nanny) represents a certain movie rating (at least thats what the infomercial suggests). But wait… What does mom want to watch? If you watch the video again, you will know for a fact that this list matches each member with a movie they want:

– Dad, R-18

– Sweet older sister who turns bitchy in the end, R-16

– Mama’s boy brother, R-13

– Nanny who tries to manipulate the youngest, PG

– Bratty younger sister, G

Therefore, I conclude that the mother (of all people) wants to watch an X-rated film! Simple logic, right? Come on.

Other points:

– Once my brother pointed it out, I couldn’t unsee how fake the CGI balloon was.

– MTRCB Chairman destroyed the already-corny infomercial with his cornier ending (and horrible acting). I wish he didn’t sound like he was reading/memorizing.

– As of today, some (if not all) cinemas have edited the video to remove some parts, including the corny ending with Mr. Chairman.


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