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Post Anew

Many meanings to that title up above this text. Since I haven’t written anything in some time, it could mean that I have “posted again”. It could also mean that I have made my first post this new year.

However, I would like to underline another meaning to the phrase: I think i’d want to do something different. Not “full-180” different, but something so often done by others, I have yet to really do it. I shall try to make this a blog of reviews and recommendations. Sure, those are big R words, but the P words shall remain.

For example, when reviewing a film I just saw, I would probably entitle my posts “Pelicola : Title of the Movie Here”. If I come across a work of literature I wanna talk about, I’d label it “Poemas: Title of Work by Author”, and so on.

I am not asking you readers to understand. It’s not that I have run out of words that begin with P. This just broadens my scope while adding a certain structure to this erstwhile random P-blog.

Happy New Year.


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