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Play: Rivalry

The year was 1968. In an alternate universe, the stage is set for the Ateneo – LaSalle rivalry on the hardcourt once again (apparently back in real life, Jose Rizal College, now Jose Rizal University, won the championship, so this setup could not have been factual during the NCAA Finals). But then again, this is not an encyclopedia we’re talking about, or a documentary. This is theater, and the play is RIVALRY!


This weekend’s shows at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) were actually a restaging of the original 2012 run held at the Meralco Theater. Whether you’re green or you’re BLUE, this show’s for you. It has a little bit of everything. Love. Hate. Passion. Singing. Dancing. Brothers. Sisters. Cousins. Clowns.

The drama attempts to give the audience a peek into the lives of the members of a family immersed neck-deep (as the Blue-blooded Anton Valencia says “I’ve had it up to here [neck-slicing action]”) in this bitter rivalry, as well as that of those around them. In the end, it also aims to remind people that this is “just a game”. But, back in real life, you can’t convince either side (Right guys? haha).

Music-wise, the play delivered a performance worthy of its winning the award for Best Music for a Filipino Musical in the 2012 awards (as listed in the company profile of the play’s souvenir programme). Just like the drama, the play’s music had it all. Intense drama music. Sentimental sappy music. Poppy music. Comic music. Music to swoon. Music to cheer. Complete with the cameo of some of the schools’ cheers and sports songs.

What’s sad is that even if this was meant for everyone, it felt as if it’s only the Ateneans and the Lasallites (and their respective families) who would (and did) make an effort to watch the play. In general, live theater isn’t something the general public would invest their time and money in. Unless, of course, it has a cheesy title from a song, and starred big name teenyboppers stars.

Yeah ok, let me just end there before I lose track. I’m just really glad I took the time to see it. Whether or not this paves the way to more original drama, we have yet to see. Thumbs up to both the green and THE BLUE.


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