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P.L. Travers


Her name was Pamela.

Well, at least that’s the name she gave herself after she used her father’s name as her surname. In reality, she was Helen Goff, and she brought to life one of the most famous nannies (if not THE most famous) in the world, Mary Poppins.

I first saw Mary Poppins (never ever just Mary) as a young boy, growing up with Disney movies as my story books, having no one to read to me. I very much enjoyed the animated sequence with the dancing penguins and the yoo-hallooing hunters and the flying/galloping merry-go-round steeds. The scene was very colorful, vibrant, full of animated life.

To this day, I randomly whistle chimchimcheree and burst into song with “Go Fly a Kite”, “Step in Time”, “A Spoonful of Sugar” and even “Tuppence a Bag”. Call me sentimental, or call them timeless, either way works.

What lovely interesting characters the story had, really. There was Burt, who was pretty much the same kind of character that Antonio banderas was in Evita. Admiral Boone, the obsessive-compulsive Navy officer from whom the whole world gets the time. I loved uncle Albert who had a very contagious laughing scene ( I especially liked hissing and fissing like snakes). The Banks Family all had their own quirks, and of course the star of the show from whom the movie/book is named: the nanny Mary Poppins.

What I did not realize to this day was that the story was actually about the struggles and transformation of Mr. George Banks, Esq. from Stern disciplinarian to Warm family man. Watching the movie (Saving Mr. Banks) opened my eyes to the parallelism between the banker and the fathers of Mrs. Travers and Walt Disney.

Before I spoil the show, I abruptly end this by saying that I felt Tom Hanks did an awesome job in bringing Walt Disney back to life. Go, Fly a Kite, then watch the show.

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