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Pissed at Parking Price

I don’t understand how parking fees can be so absurdly, ridiculously high that they cost more than Starbucks Coffee? Usually most regular mall parking lots (and other private parking lots) charge an average of P50 for the first three hours, adding P10 per hour or fraction thereof. So, assuming you spend 8 hours parked, that would only amount to P100.

Today, I experienced the most annoying highway robbery, if there ever was one, for valet parking. I understand that you have to pay the premium for convenience, so expected things to get pricey. What I did not expect was the improper charging of fees by a multinational hotel.

So, I attended a forum at the Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas, and since I did not know the area too well, I had my car parked by the valet. Upon alighting, I was told that there would be a parking fee of P100. I agreed, and I attended the forum upstairs. At the forum, I requested that my ticket be validated, and they gave me a “Complimentary Parking Voucher”. All along, one would assume that my parking fees would be covered. Much to my dismay, that was not the case.

In fact, the voucher was an additional billing for parking at a flat rate of P150. Shouldn’t that be covered by the valet fee? Why am I being charged twice for the same thing? Marco Polo, if you’re going to charge 250 for parking, though that is an absurd amount, don’t tell your guests that you will only charge them P100 and then blindside them with a mandatory P150 “Flat Rate”. That’s just bull.


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