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Pop Culture and Deadpool

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I was initially going to call this entry “Pool,Dead” as an obvious reference to the movie (and to remain consistent with the P-word titles), but I think it was all the pop culture references and allusions that did it for the film. Oh, and as the graphic clearly states: SPOILER ALERT. Whether or not this entry earned an exclamation point, you decide.

Pop culture references seem to be placed perfectly throughout the Deadpool Movie aimed at stabbing humor sharper than two katanas through your ribs. From “Fat Gandalf” to Scooby Doo’s iconic “Ruh-roh!”, even “Ripley from Alien 3 (the bald one)”, all these (not-so) hidden easter eggs help to make it a more personal experience for those who grew up during the time that those mentions first saw light.

It’s probably safe to say I enjoyed the movie. So much so, that I watched it twice, though because the jokes and references were pretty much the whole experience, I’d have to say I enjoyed the first time better.

From the time the intro (gag) credits rolled, the cinema was resonating with giggles and guffaws, busting here and there as each joke-title/name rolled out (i.e. Starring : “A Hot Chick” or “A CGI Character”), to the tune of “Angel in the Morning”by Juice Newton.

That’s another thing about the Deadpool Movie I enjoyed so much: The Music. Most, if not all the songs on the soundtrack, as well as those alluded to in the film (along with some musical artists) were from the 80s and 90s, the era in which I grew up. This was the time when I was still (and maybe part of me still is) a naughty, childish imp… just like Deadpool. Just to point some out:

  • “Hakuna his Tatas” – Lion King, 1994
  • “What Limp Bizkit did to music in the late 90s”
  • Wham! (the band, the album “Make it Big”, and the song “Careless Whisper”) 1984
  • Sinead O’ Connor : Referring to “Trainee” (held back to avoid giving out everything), 1990
  • “Nothing Compares to you” : See previous point
  • “Shoop” : Salt N Pepa’s euphemism for sex in 1993

Impish play also extends to the quick one-liners and innuendo throughout the film. The R-16 rating was already a dead giveaway as to the slimy pool of sexually suggestive (more like blatant) remarks. From “Don’t swallow” to anatomy-rhyming Seskatchewan cities, the film was, to say the least, not for kids. I personally enjoyed the naughty montage of “Calendar Girl”.

Bad Deadpool. Good Deadpool. That’s the thing with antiheros: Bad is good. Speaking of antiheroes, The movie also references Wolverine, and crosses over to the “real world” with all the different wall breaks. Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Even the two Professor X’s (Stewart or McAvoy?).

Cherry on top? He pokes fun at himself a lot. By HE I mean both Ryan Reynolds AND Deadpool. Here are a few I saw:

  • “Sew your mouth shut” : Wade Wilson 2009
  • Action figure of Baraka-looking Deadpool : 2009
  • Green Suit/Animated : Green Lantern (starring Reynolds)
  • Do you think Ryan Reynolds got this far for his superior acting method?

My deepest apologies if this article has ruined the potential experience for you. I did warn you, though. but if I was able to see it twice and still get a tickle or two, I suggest you go see it for yourself and tell others what you think.


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